Fresh, good quality produce is essential to achieve the best flavor in all our dishes.

Fresh, good quality produce is essential to achieve the best flavor in all our dishes.

Embat Restaurant

Cozy restaurant at the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample quarter, ​​located on the ground floor of a modernist building on Mallorca street. It opened its doors more than a decade ago, becoming one of the first ‘bistronomics’ in the city. The food and decor have been changing over the years, but the Embat team continues to cook with the same detail and affection, and serving with the same enthusiasm as when they opened.


Our Kitchen

Signature cuisine, based on the Catalan tradition, with influences from here and there, but always with an emphasis on simplicity and quality. We look for fresh and seasonal produce to offer dishes suitable for each season of the year.

Embat is an a la carte restaurant with the lunch menu changing weekly (from Monday to Friday). We also elaborate customized menus for special occasions and groups. If you’re group of more than 6 people and you want a customized menu, please contact us.

Chef Santi Rebés

Santi Rebés

Born in Barcelona, has it clear from a very young age what his passion is, which led him to study at the local Culinary Institute of Sant Ignasi. He learns the ropes of the trade in the fine dining kitchens of the Netherlands. Upon returning to his hometown, he trained at the renowned Espai Sucre Pastry School, where, after finishing his pastry studies, he ends up teaching there himself and serve as the head pastry chef of the school’s restaurant. He holds the position till 2007 when he decides to open his own place.


Contact us if you want to book or get information about our services.

When making the reservation, please notify us of any allergies or intolerances. The restaurant is small, so if you come with a stroller please let us know. The reservation is valid during 15 minutes, counting from the time indicated in the reservation form. After that, it will be cancelled. Please ensure that the email introduced is correct. The menu to share is only available for suppers from Thursday to Saturday or for Saturday and Sunday lunch. Thank you.

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